New York 80s - Early 90's [Hall Of Fame Trappers]

BROOKLYN, NY If Sugar Hill was a hub for Harlem hustlers then East New York was a cocoon for Brooklyn's dope boys....


If Sugar Hill was a hub for Harlem hustlers then East New York was a cocoon for Brooklyn's dope boys. But unlike Harlem, there isn't a lot of group shots from Brooklyn's underworld of the 80's & early 90's that capture The Town's real heavyweights, their fashion and lifestyle of that era floating around. However this picture taken in VA, Beach (before Miami's South Beach was a Brooklyn n*ggas playground) features a who's who of East New York's finest and Brooklyn kingpins such as Kendu & his brother Ra'Son from The Plaza (aka Da Land), Demencio, Lou Hobbs, One Arm Monk and the NoToRiouS Puerto Rican Jesus from Cypress Hills Houses. And though there were many others, I suggest ya stay tuned for a closer look at the names mentioned.

Supreme Team - Legendary! Better under Supreme than Prince. I went to jr high and high school with a lot of gods and earths from baisley back when Guy R Brewer was still called New York Blvd. My man who i knew since 5th grade who lived in baisley and was really nice playing basketball approched Preme and gave him the idea for the tourney and Preme said "OK" come up with a name for was officially named "Supreme's Nite Invitational Fastbreak Festival" but was quickly known as "SNIFF" as in "Blow". EVERYBODY came thru for the games (Teddy Riley & Guy, Al. B Sure, LL etc) and a lot of hustlers had teams in the tourney including Alpo. the tourney came to an end when a ref made an unfavorable call during a big money game...the ref got snuffed fell out hit his head and died.

Black Jus stayed in a fly car from a all gold rimmed up Audi 5000 to Benzes, Bimmers, etc. Blackie was the coolest of them all. Once saw Black walk right thru a dice game up in Harlem and all ni##as said was "what up black"...GOD BODY!!

Bimmy was also real nice in ball and used to bag a lot of ####es. I remember a young Bimmy in front of Carmichaels dinner across the street from Baisley wearing a Kofie and pushing a blue 3 series BMW with gold BBS rims

Remember K!ller Ben got k!lled after trying to avenge the de@th of his younger brother who got k!lled with a bullet ment for Ben. There is or was (not sure if it's still there) a mural of Ben on Myrtle ave.

50 Cent - Sliced Domencio's face at The Empire roller ring in BK and then got beat down....why? Cause that was 50 cent...!

Domencio was k!lled in DC by Alpo....Not uptown at The Rucker. the versions as why Po had him k!lled was that...
A. Domencio dissed Po's wife
B. domencio was trying to put pressure on PO to sell him weight so he could set-up shop in DC.

 after Po declined to do business Domencio alledgedly treatened Po trying to strong arm him into doing the deal so Po set it up at a big outdoor basketball game in DC for Domencio to be hit. As the 2 of them spoke and shook hands Po gave his DC k!llers the sign to hit domencio....gunman walked up to him as Po held his hand in a shake and blasted him in the head.

when you say Domencio you have to mention 1 Armed Monk his right hand man.

Kendu (Right)  and Ra'shon  (Left) [The Twins]
Domencio (Center) 

Most people may not know but in early days Domencio ran with Haitian Jack, Scooter & Speedy (BK Hustler's)

Puerto Rican Jesus from Cypress Hills Projects home of The A Team and cant forget LD from Cypress.

Someone Once saw Jesus come out of the Apollo Theater solo with the most gold around his neck that I ever saw a person where at 1 time...The stick up kids gawked and made threats and all Jesus did was smile and wave them to follow him down the block which none of them did....
Mike Tyson was also cool with Jesus and gave him a Jaguar Coupe...Mike loved him cause he had his own money unlike most of the other BK ni##as that ran with Mike looking for handouts..

Champ aka Akbar aka Wolfie - Seen in the movie "Education Of Sonny Carson" Brownsville OG leader of Tomahawks in a time when NYC streets was ran by gangs like The Black Spades, The Savage Skulls, Crazy Homicides, Savage Nomads, The 7 Crowns all legendary.

Kevin Chiles - My man went to school with him up in Boston (1 year) and they stayed cool. I met him when he had his clothing store on 125th street...In the middle of the store he had a BMW parked as decoration.
He also had 1 of the illest whips id ever seen a custom 2 door MB 190E

(Word's From The Internet on the above mentioned people.)

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  1. Killer Ben did not get shot trying to avenge his brothers death. He got shot by a pay phone on myrtle and washington ave after robbing someone.

  2. Killer Ben did not get shot trying to avenge his brothers death. He got shot by a pay phone on myrtle and washington ave after robbing someone.

  3. Plaza was call the mountain not the land

  4. Plaza was called Medina. it was named by the God El Haj Malik bldg 4

    1. Plaza IS CALLED THE LAND... & THE MOUNTAIN... BUT IT IS THE LAND 1ST... Building 1 since 1980.. & I know all those Plaza dudes.. Yall left out Justice-Born & god rest the dead Shabar in those pics..

    2. How did Shabar pass? Heard Linden Plaza was called Donland back in the day.

  5. No.comments we.were just getting money

  6. I bet silk from DC was one of the shooters of D at the basketball game in DC, He’s one of the few people who would do a hit in public and not be afraid of anyone riding him out, he was feared way more than that snake Alpo

  7. And Silk should have went with his gut and hit Alpo when he wanted to instead of waiting for him to get more bricks, would have saved him some years. Heard po is free

  8. My dad ran wit Fritz from Harlem, till he got the bug. Heard the Jamaicans had a chick give it to him, any truth to that? I figured shooting him would be easier then some HIV setup.